About BayState Networking

Exemplary Networking Since 1971

For 50 years, we have provided support and guidance to entrepreneurs who value building their business network and are willing to help others. We are a nonprofit organization funded by memberships. Our members represent a cross-section of the business community ranging from small businesses to professionals, to employees of larger companies. We are an inclusive organization committed to a diverse membership that makes us all stronger and better.

Swapping ideas before a meeting

How It Works

Members help members increase sales, forge partnerships, swap ideas, solve problems and recruit talent through our weekly Wednesday morning meetings. Each one-hour meeting consists of organized lead sharing and a 20-minute business presentation by one of our members on a rotating basis. BayState membership is by invitation only and features one individual per industry with a full spectrum of industries represented within the group. If you would like to learn more or visit a meeting please contact us.

Learning & Growing

While networking is our core function there’s a lot more. For starters our multi-disciplinary membership makes for a robust approach to building better, stronger, and smarter companies. There is also the shared knowledge and wisdom of a savvy group of experienced businesspeople. Members describe this as a personal advisory board, i.e., if you have a business question outside your expertise you can reach out to a member and they’ll answer it, no charge.

BayState members conversing

Informal networking after a meeting

Industries Currently Represented in the Group

  • Marketing Consulting
  • Website Design
  • Promotion
  • Graphic Design
  • Professional Photography
  • Architecture
  • Structural Engineering
  • Commercial Construction
  • Moving and Storage
  • Insurance
  • Business Law
  • Divorce Law
  • Computer Consulting and Networking
  • Professional Cabling and Networking
  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Professional Bookkeeping
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Residential Real Estate
  • Mortgage Brokerage
  • Commercial Banking
  • Business Valuation


Is BayState part of a larger organization, or a franchise?

Neither, BayState is a not for profit organization that was incorporated 50 years ago in Boston. We are an independent group that exists to further the interests of our members. We are not part of a larger franchise organization and feel that our independent status is one of our strengths.