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Professional Networking at its Best

For fifty years BayState Networking has been the leading networking organization in Greater Boston, run by its members for its members.


An ongoing learning experience with insights from some of the best people in their respective industries.


We’re an open group that actively seeks and values diversity. No worries about fitting in, you will make great friends.

Business Building

The leads and connections you build will be personally rewarding while helping to take your business to the next level.

All Networking Organizations Are Not Created Equal

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Professionally and Personally Rewarding

A strong value proposition with time well invested

Face it, we’re all busy with heavy demands on our time and energies. An organization like ours has to provide value and be worth the investment. When talking with members or reading testimonials you quickly see a common theme. BayState has helped people grow their businesses, helped them become more effective, and helped build camaraderie with a like-minded group of diverse, interesting, accomplished people.

Flexible, Casual, Down to Earth

Professional, relaxed — no rigid protocols

Unlike most networking groups we don’t have rigid protocols, processes and rules. If you’ve tried franchised networking groups and didn’t like them, welcome to the club, neither did we. Given the caliber and professionalism of our group, a little dose of structure is all that is required. Our relaxed, open atmosphere provides an engaging environment conducive to networking and helping each other grow our businesses.

Meetings That are a Cut Above

Well run, prompt, efficient, and enjoyable

We excel at running good meetings. They start on time, end on time and we get an amazing amount done in only 60 minutes. People not only share leads but are active listeners. Don’t worry about chatterboxes who hijack the conversation, or circular discussions that accomplish nothing. Those things simply don’t happen. In every meeting you’ll find great leads and terrific insights on local and national business issues.

Encompasses Greater Boston Area

Not geographically limited by town or city

Our membership is drawn from metro-Boston and the larger surrounding area. You’ll find broad-based leads and discussions not limited by narrow geography. Most networking groups are city or town based which is a significant limiting factor for companies on a growth curve.

Great People

Accomplished, down-to-earth people you’ll enjoy spending time with

We are an increasingly diverse group with a lot of dimension in the membership. People join for networking but quickly find that every meeting becomes a learning experience. More than that is the fact that members become friends who are looking out for each other. When you bring a sharp, accomplished group of people together, good things happen.

Weekly Member Presentation

Hear What Members Have to Say

I’ve been a member of BayState for nearly 25 years, and over time networking through our organization has grown to drive approximately 80% of my revenue stream. I find BayState to be a terrific source of regional knowledge, which puts me ahead of the curve on trends and opportunities. Lastly, I appreciate the ability to ask business questions and gain insights from a very talented and broad network of professionals.

Gregg Shupe, Shupe Studios
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